• The Luchador

    Mike Hernandez is framed for murder. Written by Seventh-Grade student Luca Villaseñor. Filmed as part of the 2017 Pens to Lens program.

  • Horrors

    A group of monsters set out to hunt down the source of recent disappearances in their town. Written by Fifth-Grade student Fred Scher. Filmed as part of the 2016 Pens to Lens program.

  • Bob and Oscar's Epic Quest for Ice Cream

    Two boys set out to cure their boredom by getting ice cream. Written by Eigth-Grade student Robert Mercer. Filmed as part of the 2015 Pens to Lens program.

  • If Only

    A zombie's hunger stirs something inside him.

  • Fast & Furious 8

    Two men go to another country to race. In no way related to the popular film franchise distributed by Universal Pictures which is very similarly titled. Written by Fourth-Grade student Urias Smith. Filmed as part of the 2014 Pens to Lens program.

  • The Thinking Molecules of Titan

    A short film adaptation of an unfinished science fiction short story by Roger Ebert.

    For more information, visit The Thinking Molecules of Titan page.

  • Into the Mine

    Two boys are ready to mine, but someone's watching them and they don't know who. Written by students Logan Lindsey and Blake Primmer. Filmed as part of the 2013 Pens to Lens program.

  • Art Theater No Phones promo

    A unused promo video to be played before films at the Art Theater to warn patrons of the dangers of using their phones during the movie.